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Pay on line using PayWay Web kiosk at

PayWay Web Kiosk is another product from PayWay. With the Kiosk, you don't need to leave your home, office to access PayWay services. You simply need to have Internet access on your computer, tablet or smart phone and login to from where you immediately access PayWay web kiosk selling Menu and use a debit or credit card to pay.

PayWay Web Kiosk is integrated with the best gateway to ensure that your transaction is very secure, fast and convenient. Just login with your mobile contact; remember to start with your country code before you input your contact for example: +256794000000 an SMS is sent with a code you can use to the contact number and is used whenever you want to login and make payments. In case you leave away from your loved ones, say in the diaspora, here is the chance to make payments for them using the PayWay web kiosk for example pay for their utility bills, buy airtime, Internet bundles and much more from the country where you are based.

With introduction of URA taxes and KCCA payments, you can ensure tax compliance of your business entity by paying your taxes in time and meeting very important deadlines while you are away. The charges on all transactions are very competitive compared to what is charged worldwide. You choose the amount to pay in your currency and it's auto converted into US dollars basing on the currency rates of the day. Contact PayWay for further details on this wonderful product for much better convenience.