Bills Solution Collection

Welcome to PayWay bills collection solution. As a market leader in cashless payments both in Uganda and Africa, PayWay provides the most efficient and very effective payment solution that is up-to-date to help your business grow.

PayWay bill collection solution helps business owners and managers to make their bill collections using the most trusted, easy to monitor and reliable PayWay system through different PayWay outlets countrywide which include PayWay self-service kiosks, POS terminals, Android phones and personal computers. The most recent addition is the PayWay wallet where publics will download the wallet and make payments at their own convenience.

PayWay bills collections solution targets to help businesses involved in cash collections such as loan repayments, insurance, purchasing social services like health and much more. Remittances from such businesses are collected through the PayWay wide network on behalf of the business owner and deposited on a given company bank account with no hassle at all.

Below is the PayWay bill collections solution in detail.

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