Advertisement through PayWay


Do you own a small, medium or big business? Here is the opportunity to reach out to your target market by advertising on PayWay Kiosks and appeal directly to PayWay users and customers at large who go shopping in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and all places where PayWay has the vending machines including major shopping malls in Kampala, like Garden city, Acacia Mall, Lugogo Shopping Mall, Freedom City, Oasis Mall, Kings Gate, Kampala Boulevard, Supermarkets like Tuskys, Quality, Capital Shoppers, Shoprite and many more.

PayWay has over 50 Vending machines within and around Kampala and each of them has a high definition screen where you can place your advert. Ads are repeated every 3 minutes 24/7( Av. 480 times per day).

On an average over 20,000 people visit major shopping malls and other shopping locations per day while PayWay kiosks register a minimum of 2000 consumers per day who go to the kiosks.

Commercial Screens.

Place your company advertisement with a banner and other interactive communications like video pop ups, and primary banners on PayWay transactions screens to greatly help you communicate your product features and benefits very effectively to your target audience.

Compared to other advertising media individual approach is one of the main advantages of our commercial screens. Interactive communications allow you to place contextual advertising, generate proposals, given the demands of consumers to use other opportunities, not always available to the rest of the media. All this increases the effectiveness of advertisements on our commercial screens.

Pop-up banners: Advertise with static or video pop ups on all PayWay kiosks commercial screens and communicate your company products, offers, discounts, new products benefits and much more, the pop ups will instantly appear on the screen during transaction time for 2-3 seconds, therefore it's hard to miss the eye of the customer transacting on the kiosks.

Side banners: Place your side banner on PayWay transactions screens and communicate your product features and benefits very effectively to your target audience, the banner can be interactive prompting prospective clients to click and view other pages containing more of your product information.

SMS with Every Payment with PayWay!

Whenever a client makes a payment through PayWay, we send them an SMS acknowledging the transaction. The respective provider of the service purchased can use this as an opportunity to communicate upcoming promotions, or new products. It is effective since it appeals to the interests of the client who is purchasing. This service is not only limited to our partners, anyone who would want to experience the power of intelligent marketing can benefit from targeted SMS. Organizations such as Banks, Mobile Phone Companies, NGOs, Utility Companies, the list is endless.

PayWay makes getting to your targeted audience easy and effective. Our prices are very affordable. Remember, research has revealed that 48% of the people who receive SMS after a transaction, will read the SMS and take the message seriously.

Advertise on PayWay Receipts.

PayWay issues over 40,000  paper receipts  daily through her big country-wide coverage of retailers and vending machines which is a great advertising opportunity for you! Just imagine all the people who keep their receipts for reference or for a token of YAKA UMEME, URA or NWSC will definitely see your message!

Brand the Exterior of PayWay Kiosks.

PayWay Kiosks hardly need an introduction. Have your brand on the exterior of over 50 PayWay kiosks and enjoy brand visibility by over 20,000 people who go shopping in major shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. Contact PayWay Marketing Department ( for effective advertising kiosks at unbeatable discounts.