PayWay API

PayWay offers you an opportunity of partnership with numerous service providers or companies. After signing an NDA and contract, PayWay shares a document that contains direct API description that may be used in the code of your own service or application. When PayWay’s API is implemented on your side then you simply inform your users about the new service capabilities.

Through PayWay’s API, your company can have access to all PayWay services through PayWay’s gateway and start re-selling. Thus saving your company the hassle of individually integrating directly with all the service providers on to your Payment option.

Benefits of integrating through PayWay gateway:

  • Saves your company from lengthy negotiations with the service providers.
  • Saves time because with PayWay it is just a click away.
  • Our partnership with several service providers.
  • Validation of subscribers numbers where necessary.
  • Easy to pay using your application.