Are you a Landlord?

If you are one, here is a big business opportunity for you.

Earn More Millions!

Yes, indeed a rare and hustle free moneymaking deal just close to you!


When PayWay’s Vending Machine a.k.a. Kiosk is placed at your business premises you stand to reap big on commissions from transactions carried out on the kiosk by different customers on a monthly basis. The more the transactions, the more the commission. The kiosk is a self-service point, no labor costs involved.

What you need to do?

Confirm that your business is officially registered, has a current trade license, that your location is in a busy trading environment (our sales and marketing team will help you with the assessment), have proper identifications i.e. Passport, National I.D, L.C, Other, have electricity on site. Get in touch and leave the rest to us!!

Our support and offer.

Our Customer Service Team is always on standby and committed to attending to any customer service issues on our 24/7 toll free lines displayed on the kiosk. In addition, our friendly and professional Sales and Marketing Team is readily available. We shall do branding of the kiosk location. Remember, we are in this together, all the way!!

Start Earning!

There you are! What are you waiting for?

  • Call us today on our toll free line: 0800203020.
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  • Watsapp us on: +256792240818
  • Twitter: Pay_way