Use PayWay for Mobile Money platform

For telecom companies with Mobile Money services, PayWay has a solution for you. Integrate your service on PayWay platform and PayWay will provide any of the proposed channels: self-service-kiosks, mobile point of sale terminals, mobile applications, web interface or online.

With Mobile POS, a hand-held device operated by an individual, the operator who happens to be recruited by your company will give the service of Mobile Money vending and enjoy unique features like quick cash out, giving receipts, real time transactions among others hence allowing flawless stock management and business success.

With PayWay integration, an application (PayWay Talk App) can also be installed on any Android device and paired with a thermal printer via blue tooth/USB channel. The application has all the features that the Mobile Point of sale has but only limited to the hardware on which the App is installed, either way, you will be able to have an effective business solution to reach more end users.

PayWay will guarantee you a back-end platform and interface with many features to manage and control the networks of both point of sale terminals or PayWay Talk app, some of them including user controls, user privileges, notifications, stock control, retailer/agent commission capitalization among others.

Depending on the choice that suit your business, your agents will be rest assured of doing business 24/7 through reliable point of sale terminals with 72 hours long lasting battery, PayWay application or mobile applications and much more, enjoy working through PayWay platform supported by a very strong IT team for instant, consistent and reliable transactions that have put PayWay among the top-most payment platforms in Africa and world over.

PayWay platform:

  • is online and based in cloud
  • is accessible through web browser interface
  • is secure - with traffic encryption between terminals, service providers and processing node
  • supports both real-time and offline selling modes
  • supports integration with several parties at a time for a single service (eg. Service Provider <-> PayWay Platform <-> Settlement Bank) in real time
  • is able to extend its services through integration with third party distributors’ software
  • provides customizable reporting subject to customer’s needs
  • serves customer’s needs and is very flexible